Friday, December 4, 2009


Micah-- after having new ear tubes put in 3 weeks ago, he is doing well. I took him Wednesday to a hearing evaluation, and was surprised by the results. He can hear down to 10 decibels in his left ear (excellent!), but only to 85 in his right ear. That means he has a moderate to severe hearing loss in his right ear. The tester said he does not need a hearing aide since the left ear is so good; we will see in February if his ENT concurs. If he was in a school setting he would need his own FM speaker (has a fancy name, can't remember) so he can hear the teacher, but since we homeschool he does not need one. We just need to spend the rest of his life making sure his left ear is protected from loud noises. Also, he has trouble telling when someone is talking to him in a noisy room or with the TV on. So now the never-ending question will be: is he ignoring me or can he not discern me talking to him?

Sunny-- had her first dental cleaning yesterday! She was so good; had a lot of plaque but no cavities. She did not cooperate for an x-ray, but that was ok. We do not know if she had dental care in Taiwan, but she is clearly used to brushing her teeth. Also, her hearing was tested a few weeks ago and she has excellent hearing- 10 decibels in both ears!

Amelia-- today's pizza bagels for lunch caused her loose tooth to barely hang on. She indicated she wanted me to pull it, gross! I grabbed on, turned my head away and yanked. She was more brave than I! Ame's hearing was also tested a few weeks ago, 20 decibels in the left ear and 30 in the right. Not perfect, but good enough to hear and replicate speech. She has no excuses!!

Dante-- he is loving his preschool, and starting to talk more. He has been sleeping better at night, too, which is such a blessing! Dante has been overcoming his eating issues, and actually taking bites off a banana, instead of insisting it beat chopped up first. He's not walking yet, but is making progress.

The teens-- well, they are two teen boys and their teen sister. What more do I need to say?

God is good, all the time!


Kathleen said...

I am 45. I lost all the hearing in my right ear when I was 9. Hasn't slowed me down yet. I do not wear a hearing aid, although given the type of hearing loss I have, it wouldn't help so that wasn't a choice I had. I hope this is encouraging to you.

KellyL said...

That is good to know, thank you Kathleen!