Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Laundry Solution

I enjoy washing my laundry. In the Summer especially, when I can hang it out and fold each piece later as it comes of the line. Right about now though, I get really bad at laundry. I have no problem washing, but then it comes out of the dryer in a pile and sits in the laundry basket.

Yesterday I realized I had three loads piled up in the basket sitting in our dining area. It being Fall and piles of leaves in every yard, I thought of the perfect solution! I will set aside a room for clean laundry, and just throw it in until a huge pile forms. Then, instead of diving into a pile of leaves, the kids can dive into the pile of laundry and fish around until they come out dressed. Hopefully in their own clothes.

Unfortunately I do not have a spare room!

What I have done is taken index cards and written each name on one, plus one for "pajamas" and one for "closet". These are folded in half like name cards at the table. I line them up along the table, then Amelia and I start folding and stacking. Micah and Sunny help in spurts, but Amelia really enjoys it. Afterwards, we each carry a pile upstairs where they are unceremoniously dumped into a drawer. It works, if you do not mind a few wrinkles!

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