Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Speech

Amelia, Micah, and Dante all have hypothyroidism, which is not unusual in people with down syndrome. (Sunny has no medical issues.) This means that every 6 months they each have to have blood drawn and we go into Worcester for an appointment with the Endocrinologist. Each visit, and they are not seen together, costs me a $10 copay, $10 in gas, and $3 in at least 3 hours interupting everyone's homeschool day.

For the seven years that Amelia has been our daughter, she has never had a problem with her hormone levels. So I decided to convince the doctor that she does not need to be seen by him every 6 months, once a year will do. In my speech I was even going to say that I do not mind doing the blood draw and seeing her Primary Care physician in the middle 6 months. I had it all planned out in my mind.

However, my plans were not His plans. The doctor beat me to my speech with one of his own. He decided that since Amelia has never needed a med change, that we should take her off the medication and see how she does. This means in 3 months we have to do a blood draw and I have to consult with him on the phone, than do another blood draw three months later and we have her regular 6 month appointment. I guess I'll have to save the speech for Micah and Dante's appointments coming up in February!


In other news: Leif has his first tooth! It is barely there, but has definitely broken through. He was mildly cranky this week, but nothing big. Yesterday we also switched him to a crib. My baby has outgrown the bassinet! Jamie decided we should keep the bassinet, "just in case".
Look at this boy! Can you believe he is only 4 months old?!

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