Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bunnies, Baseball, and Balance Beams

"Look Ma, no penny!!"

We had a wonderful Easter, and Leif enjoyed the egg hunt at Nana and Poppy's house.

Spring has sprung, and so have the activities.  I am sure we are not the only busy family!

Amelia, Micah, and Sunny started their second year playing in the Challenger Division of little league baseball.  I forgot the camera for opening day but caught Amelia at home afterwards.
I also forgot to remind Jamie to take them to team photo night yesterday.  I suppose that is not necessarily a bad thing since we are already missing two of the baseball caps.  I do have all three shirts stashed in my dresser though!  Their first game is this Saturday.

Last Saturday that had the baseball opener at noon, and the assessment rounds for Special Olympics that evening.  I did know where all three of their leotards were. 
Unfortunately, I am not sure they all got put away afterwards. 
  Sunny was in a bit of a goofy noncompliant mood.  On her balance beam routine she kept collapsing and laughing into her volunteers arms and would not cooperate.
It was all for show, and she did love it when she was given her participation medal.  The games in Boston are coming up Father's Day weekend.

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