Monday, May 30, 2011

Micah the Scout is 9 now!

Last Wednesday Micah turned 9!  He is just about the cutest guy God ever created.  One night last week when I arrived home from work, he said "Momma's home!", gave me a huge hug, then turned to Jamie and said, "Look Dad, my friend Mom!"

This morning Micah took part in the town's Memorial Day observances by marching in the parade with the Scouts to the ceremonies at the cemetery and town square.
Micah opted not to actually march with the scouts.

He preferred to march with the ladies.
I guess he is a little ladie's man.
As in he is short, and he fancies the ladies.

Jamie tells me that he was waving at everyone, and if someone neglected to wave back to him he would point at them until they did.  Apparently rudeness is not to be tolerated.

In a few weeks Micah will be attending Cub Scout Day Camp up at Treasure Valley.  That should be a good time; for everyone involved!!

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