Monday, January 30, 2012

Dante Needs a Pity Party

Today Alexander came running out the door, up to the open van window and said, "Don't be leaving your crap behind!" as he handed me the stool sample (in its container) that I had forgotten to grab out of the fridge.  Wow, a kid turns 18 and suddenly he can talk any way he wants to mom.  Anyhow, he was only half was actually Dante's stool sample I was leaving behind.

Poor Dante had three different appointments today.

First he had a fitting for some new orthotics.  He will either be switching to ankle braces, or to articulated leg braces.  He still needs support to help his feet keep the proper shape, but he also needs to be able to bend his ankles.  Dante did not appreciate the stockings and plaster wrap, but hopefully in a few weeks he will appreciate the new SMO's.

Second he had a dental cleaning.  No cavities!  His gums look great!  And his current nasty cold has not effected his vocal chords.  The dentist is amazing, and spoke calmly to Dante throughout the whole cleaning despite the loud protests and writhing about on Dante's part.

Third, after a two hour lunch break at home, Dante was off to see a gastroenterologist.  She would like to rule out a few possible causes of his bowel issues (hence the stool sample I almost forgot), and if nothing shows up we will go fully with the gluten free/casein free diet.

One exciting observation in all the tiresome activities today:  when we were in the waiting room Dante was watching the Backyardigans on his iPad.  Suddenly he started waving his arms back and forth and swaying.  Dante was following the motions of the characters as they sang and danced!  It was absolutely adorable and amazing. 

In all, my nine kids had a total of 20 medical appointments this month! (Did I mention Amelia has strep for the third time in a row? And Dante has Alopecia to add to his list of diagnoses?)

I am hoping we have fewer appointments in February, but thankful for the good medical care we have available to us.

God is good!

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