Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Do-Over

Although my husband might disagree, even if he would never admit to it,  I try not to be a whiny person.  But the last few days instead of appreciating the new year, all I want is December back--- I want to go straight back to the first and start over.  I would make the chocolate covered cherries that I have made for at least ten years and didn't get done this year.  I would make the toffee and peanut clusters.  I would knit the hats for my little ones that I never even started.  Didn't start a single one.  I didn't even get to watch "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" with the kids when they were on TV. I'd be hyper-vigilant with Dante so his cold didn't become strep throat and then get into his skin and give him cellulitis so the poor child had to spend four days in the hospital....causing the whole family to not be together Christmas Eve when we watch "Muppets Christmas Carol" and then to not be together for the stockings and gifts Christmas morning.  I wouldn't strain my back and spend most of what was left of Christmas break not being able to work or help do the household clean up I had so wanted to get done.

Who am I kidding?  Getting a do over would just mean repeating the craziness, even if it was a slightly different craziness.  And I'll admit, as long as Dante's pain meds were kept up we kinda enjoyed cuddling on his hospital bed for hours on end...me reading "War Horse" with one hand on the book and the other on his wrist so he wouldn't pull out the IV, and him leaning in to me watching the same 3 episodes of Kai Lan over and over while dozing now and then.

So now we are into another month of me feeling like I am always one step behind on laundry and household stuff.  Already there are 12 appointments on the January calendar, not including Dante's new weekly Sensory Therapy.  And Kimberly's weekly in home therapy-both of which are so important and helpful for them and me as I work with them daily.  And there are NO appointments on the February calendar! (yet)

It's just life, and a good one, so there really is nothing to whine about.  Especially when I can always just take a break to cuddle with Kimberly or play with the increasingly mischievous Leif. (Yes, he is wearing a Christmas beret that goes with one of Kimberly's outfits.)

Besides, who needs a December do-over when there are New Year's resolutions to keep?
My 2:
* Try harder
* Do better

I figure that covers everything.

God is good!

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