Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6 of 9 Visits the Dentist

We have been blessed to find the most wonderful dentist in Worcester.  (I would say the most wonderful dentist in Massachusetts, but that might be exaggerating a bit much.)  Micah had a very good appointment today!

There are many stereotypes about a child with Down Syndrome, and oddly enough Micah fits three that I hear the most.

He is happy and will greet anyone...today he had his window down in the van and said "hi" to the person in the lane next to us at the stop light.

He is stubborn...he will look at me with crossed arms and say, "No Mom" to even the simplest directives. Then he will back down and say "Sorry Mom" while obeying.

He has a small jaw, and therefore very crowded teeth.  This is more a fact than a stereotyped, although it often leads to a protruding tongue which makes people think all people with down syndrome have an oversized tongue.

Today Micah had three baby teeth pulled by Dr. Matt.    He held "Wally", a stuffed version of Wally the Green Monster that has long arms to velcro around a child for hugging.  Micah was so good, getting numbed up and then did not even try to move during the Novocaine shots.  While that was working its magic he went to another room for a few x-rays.  Micah tucked Wally in next to him, and then afterwards insisted that Wally sit in the x-ray chair while he pushed the button.  (His stubbornness shining through-- he was not walking back to the exam room until that stuffed creature had his x-ray too.)  Back in the exam room Micah lay down on the chair, tucked Wally next to him and said, "Don't worry, they are just going to look at your teeth."   There was a board on the reclined chair with a blanket-like wrap under it, with velcro straps for securing a worried child.  Micah had no need though!!  He barely protested as the three teeth were pulled in quick succession.  Me, I was cringing as I watched my boy take it like a man. He is on soft foods for a few days, but has not once complained of any discomfort.

His teeth are still crooked, but they are no longer super crowded and doubled up in spots.  He goes back in a few weeks for more x-rays and to start making a long term plan for his teeth.

God is good!

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