Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cookie Monster

Today I tried out a new cookie recipe, Healthy Peanutty Cookies.  They are delicious!  Lots of peanut butter flavor, with chocolate chips and oats.  They really can qualify as healthy too! -- freshly ground whole wheat flour, freshly rolled oat groats, sucanot, and almond milk; I even used organic chocolate chips.

My cookie monster gives them a big thumbs up.
Or he would, if he stopped lining them up and eating them off the counter.

Unfortunately I cannot use these cookies in Dante's lunch or snack bag for school, because his school is still completely nut free.  I find it very hard to accommodate this since I do use almond milk, peanut butter, coconut oil, and nuts in a lot of my cooking.  I would rather be using almond flour and coconut flour too. 

A link to the cookie recipe: Healthy Peanutty Cookies

And a super sweet photo of Leif and Amelia out on the tire swing:

I am so blessed!

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