Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Ultimate Field Trip, Part 1

September 23rd, one week ago, Zachary, Nikita, Amelia, Micah, Leif and I embarked on our Ultimate Field Trip.  Our destination was Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, to see Alexander graduate from Army Basic Combat Training. 

Originally I had planned for Zachary and I to fly down, but in August we decided instead to make it a family trip like we had never had before!  Our stops were to be:  Hershey PA, Antietam Battlefield in Maryland, Luray Caverns in Virginia, Fort Jackson for 2 days, Chincoteague Island in Virginia, meet up with some friends in New Jersey, and arrive home again on Saturday September 29th.  We achieved most of our goals, the most important of course seeing Alexander after 2 long months!

We stayed in 2 different hotels driving down, 2 nights in a cabin at Fort Jackson, then 2 more different hotels driving home.  In all, we took over 250 photographs.  Here is just the first day of our journey:

 Leif has no idea how much time he is about to spend strapped into his carseat.
 Leif insisted on pulling this rolling luggage every time we stopped for an overnight.  He was too cute, and definitely learned about perseverance as he bumped along with it and refused to give up the handle. Micah and Amelia strapped on their backpacks and helped carry in our luggage too.

We had a nice stop at Chocolate World in Hershey, although it was so crowded we did not stay long past the fun educational ride about how chocolate is made.  Of course, we did leave with a bag of chocolate goodies!

Nikita and I took Amelia, Micah, and Leif swimming to work off some pent up energy.  They had a blast!
We then met my cousin and her boyfriend for dinner.  It was a long overdue time of reconnecting with family.

Our hotel the first night not only had a pool, but indoor mini-golf too!  It was a somewhat full contact, anything goes sport for Leif, complete with high sticking and crawling through the ball loops.  This time it was Zachary who came along, while Nikita relaxed in the hotel room.

Our Monday plans were for Antietam Battlefield, lunch in West Virginia, and Luray Caverns.  Almost 100 photos alone on Monday, so that will be Part 2, although not with all 100 photos!

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