Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quiet Day

We do not usually turn on our computers or electronic games on Sundays. Jamie said I could tonight though, since I am trying to do the 31 for 21. However, I just got home from work and am just not thinking of anything to write about. Maybe I should not have broken my own rule, and just left the computer off.

I'll list a few of my favorite websites that have been helpful to me, and to my kiddos with Down Syndrome. First, is . Amelia loves to visit this one and go through the alphabet. Zach taught her how to use the mouse, so when she is getting antsy and needs to focus on something, I just set her up at this website. Another neat site if you are looking for therapy-type toys is . If you like to print out picture cards or have activity ideas, try . And finally, has toys for children with special needs. I was only recently told about this website, and have not had time to explore it too much yet.

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