Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We have been enjoying some beautiful New England weather. Since Jamie was home yesterday, we decided to all go for a nature walk. I wanted to collect some colorful leaves to scatter on the tables at our Stone Soup fundraiser this coming Saturday.

Unfortunately, we also collected some ticks. Alexander, Nikita, Zachary, and Dante each had one, and Pattie the puppy had two! I had Amelia take a shower while Jamie checked over Micah, but they were both tick-free. Thankfully none of the ticks had attached, so there was no trauma- or drama. Dante would not have done well with that.

There is a pond near our house that we walked by. Micah decided there is a whale living in it. I told him that whales are too big for a pond. So instead he told me there are penguins living in the water. Amelia told me he is silly. She signed it as she said it; she loves to call people silly. It was really quite appropriate this time!

They both love using their signs to communicate. Dante is starting to use more signs also. The other day I gave him an M&M and taught him candy, which he was quite motivated to learn quickly. Then yesterday he found a bowl in the living room, showed it to Daddy, and signed "ice cream"! Yeah Dante!! Of course, he was promptly given a scoopful.

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