Thursday, October 30, 2008

Show Hope

Last night I went to the Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Lowell. It is more accurate to say I was "at" the concert, rather than that I went "to" the concert. I did not have a ticket, but they let me in anyhow! I had the honor of volunteering at the Shaohannah's Hope adoption information table. I spent most of the evening handing out information and talking to ladies/couples/families considering adoption. I was able to stand in the back for one or two songs, which was neat. It was a sold out concert!

There were two other families volunteering couple with their toddler son whom they adopted from Ethiopia, and another family with their teenage daughters; they are in the process of adopting a boy from Haiti. All of us have been blessed with a grant from Shaohannah's Hope, and that is how we came to be volunteering at the concert. It was a treat to share our stories with each other, and to be able to encourage others to consider adoption.

I pray that many families will consider adoption, and read the information we handed out directing them to the websites. They help know how to make it work; finances are what hold most people back. It is sad how many people say "We'd love to adopt but...." One woman told us she has been working on her husband for five years to consider adoption. I suggested perhaps she should ask the Father to work on her husband to change his heart.

A great website to check out: . Also
Here is a picture from last night:


June Berger said...

How neat. I signed up to do it too when they come to the Rochester, NY area. We received a grant for them also for Jonathan's adoption! It was the LAST amount of money we needed, to the PENNY! God is so good!

KellyL said...

That's amazing! God is good!

Susan said...

Hi! We have tried to post to you since Sunny found her forever family. We fell in love with her on RR and were so excited that she found a family! Just checking your blog yesterday to see where you are in the process and noticed that you went to Lowell?!? We live in Merrimac! We are like neighbors! I work for a local Early Intervention and work with children with DS. Would love to meet you sometime. Your family is amazing. Can't wait until you go and get Sunny. She is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family!!

KellyL said...

Email me at and we can "talk"!

~ Lisa ~ said...

Kelly, are you one of these ladies in the picture? It'll be fun to put a face with a name. :)