Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Farmer Boy

Almanzo Wilder lives in my house. No, not literally, but his spirit lives on in our son Zachary. Today is Zach's fourteenth birthday and we have seen him grow into farmer boy himself. We have chickens here at the homestead, five to be exact and they are cared for entirely by Zach. He is not casual about it either. He is up early to see to their needs. Zach manages their egg production and makes sure they have all a chicken could want. Furthermore, he delights in their personalities and treats them like pets that happen to also lay eggs. He is hoping to hatch a few here at some point, but he is also using his expertise to raise hatched chicks for other people we know. We are very happy to see him take to this farming that Kelly began (it was not my idea at all) and he has even shown interest in expanding. Now I recently declared, with power given me by the Lord Above as head of the household, that there would be not so much as an ant added to the animals who live here. That being said, Kelly joked that we could put a goat in the lean-to in the back of the house. Now I knew it was a joke, but Kelly is good at feigning seriousness and Zach definitely believed her and it was just fine with him. Why not let the farm grow?

Briefly that is Zach and I am glad to say he is becoming an impressive young man. Happy birthday farmer boy!


Leah said...

Ohhh Goats are LOTS of fun! My mom and I raised and showed dairy goats all over the midwest when I was in high school. There are lots of different breeds of goats The amount and quality of the milk each breed produces is different (some have higher fat content, some more volume than others) etc. And, just like dog breeds have different personalities, so do goats! Nubians are the most people oriented, and that's what my mom and I raised. I have to tell your son though, that I used to have a farm before I got divorced. I had chickens and I ADORED my chickens. I knew the personalities of each one, and loved just hanging out with them. Of course, my husband thought I was nuts, but that's because he didn't know my chickens. LOL Anyway, if you decide he needs a goat (and really, goats do better when with another goat that just being the only goat on the place, as they're very social animals.) feel free to contact me and I can tell you lots more. LOL

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Happy birthday Zach!!