Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We've Got Peeps!

26 chicks joined our family this morning, straight from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio.

Amelia watched Zach and Nikita unload the peeps. We ordered 13 Austrolorps and 12 "Easter Eggers". Zach will keep 3 and raise the rest until they are big enough to go to their homes.
Already Nik is asking if we can't keep 4 instead!

On little chickie did not handle the trip well, and fell victim to the stampede. Nik held her for a while and tried to revive her, but Sickly did not make it. Zach has given her a proper burial outside.

The name games have begun! Some suggestions so far have been "Gizzy", "Rhino", "Penguin", "Spazzy". I am not sure where Gizzy comes from, but one of the chicks looks just like the hamster "Rhino" in the movie Bolt. She has so much energy, though, that she might end up being "Spazzy".
Micah has picked up a chickie a time or two already, and needs to work on his safe handling skills. Amelia likes to watch them, but has not tried to hold one yet. Pattie, Nikita's cocker spaniel, is wondering why her new toys are kept in a box with such high sides!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Wow! Cool - the kids must be having a ball - can I send my kiddos up there to play with your chicks so I don't have to get some? :)

Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

love this time of year! we went with older pullets this spring but will prbably do chicks agian next spring. rotating our flocks so we always have the eggs! YAY for yoiu guys!