Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthdays and Whine

The two have nothing in common, but will both be subjects of this post!

Today would have been Mom's 60th birthday. I'd like to think she is celebrating with Dad. Yesterday Amelia drew a picture for Grandma. Naturally, she doesn't understand Grandma's death. I am glad she is still remembering her and wanting to send her a picture.

And the whine, maybe I should get some cheese and crackers to go with it? Yesterday was four weeks since our hearing. I had thought we would have our travel call for Sunny by now. I am told to expect it to be up to two more weeks. I know, the end is in sight. Unfortunately, I have been thinking the end is in sight since February. Last week was to be our webcam visit, but it was rescheduled for tonight. Or at least I thought it was.

I messed up. The visit was last night. But then it wasn't, because I went happily off to a mom's homeschool meeting (only 50 feet away!) and Jamie ignored the TEN skype calls from Sunny's social worker because he did not know who it was that kept trying to call!!! He feels badly, but really, I am the one who messed up. AND, I had told him I would be home at 8pm, but then kept on talking/sharing and did not get home until 9pm. It was first thing this morning that I noticed the missed calls on Skype and had a mini-breakdown. If I had come home when I said I would have been here to see the calls coming in.

So, missing mom, wanting to meet Sunny, waiting for travel, oh, and probably searching for a new church. The last one is so heartbreaking I can't even go into it. We live across and down the street, and I don't know what it will do to Amelia not to go there anymore. AND, Dante is officially diagnosed with Autism. I'll make that a separate post sometime.

On a positive note-- Jamie thinks we should get two Nigerian Dwarf Goats!! Then I can make Dante his yogurt fresh. Zach is pretty excited. We are thinking next Spring!

God is good!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Yes, God is good :)

I'm so sorry you missed the calls from Sunny. Will they reschedule?


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the missed call sis. That is awsome about the goats though. On a side note Anna and I have been discussing coming up for a visit some weekend FYI.