Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy as a Bee

It has been one week since my last post, and I have had not one dull moment since then. Our plane tickets and passports are in Jamie's unmentionables drawer, hotel reservations are made, our driver in Taiwan is secured-- we are all set to head off to the airport hotel tomorrow!

Friday I spent cleaning the house, and had my last day serving at Cracker Barrel, at least until August.

Over Memorial Day weekend my brother and his wife came for a visit. We took them to Old Sturbridge Village, and even up to the G's farm for chores Monday morning. I think it was Anna's first time bottle-feeding a calf. In return, Zach and Anna introduced us to geo-caching. It was a lot of fun, and I think there is one of those GPS devices in Jamie's future. We found three hidden caches, and Zach even helped my Zachary (named after his uncle in part) and Alexander to hide one under an old train bridge near here. It made for a very nice weekend.

Tuesday I took Zachary and Amelia to Gilmerton Farm in Littleton for a goat seminar. The kids were so adorable! Amelia enjoyed the trip, and Zach and I got a peek at keeping goats. We are still hoping to obtain two Nigerian Dwarf Goats in the Fall or next Spring. I then went to the library to get three novels for the airplanes. (Nikita has 15 dvds to watch!)

Yesterday I did some last minute food shopping, made sure my cell phone will work in Taiwan, and bought an outfit to wear when we meet Sunny-- next Tuesday!!! Jamie's mom is all set to be here each night, and we are praying that Dante just sleeps at night so Alexander does not get exhausted. Paul will be here several days, Meridith twice, and a wonderful woman from church who Micah and Amelia adore will spend all day Wednesday here, giving Zach and Xander the day off. God is good!

Today I have spent with my head spinning, wondering what I am forgetting. I am half packed, Jamie has not even started! We have two small packages in my suitcase for two adorable little girls in the orphanage who will hopefully be home with their families soon. In the meantime, I am privileged to deliver these packages for their moms.

Also this morning, Nikita and I made a quick trip to Old Sturbridge Village so she could see her friend Sam, who is apprenticing there. He looked quite dashing in the 1830's garb, if Nikita's grin was any indication. She had an interesting quote I will share as we walked through the common area, "It is deserted here, except for all of these people!". HUH???

26 hours until our journey begins!!!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Kelly!!! You're on your way!!!!! I can hardly wait :)

Sheryl and Joby said...

Yay! Good Luck. Let us know how your doing. And thanks again for delivering our package to Lilly!
God Bless

Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

oooh cant wait to hear