Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mighty Micah

There is not much cuter than a couple of kids blowing dandelions. And not much funnier than Micah blowing a yellow dandelion. The poor flower was not exactly ready for his huffing and puffing. He gave up, and instead started pulling off the petals, saying "loves me", "loves me", "loves me". He knows how charming he is and with that killer smile, there was no "loves me not" for him.

I was outside preparing a strawberry bed while Ame and Micah were playing with the dandelions. Amelia carried over Pip, Zach's favorite hen, to eat the grubs in the ground I was turning. It is embarrassing to admit, but there I was digging through the fresh dirt pointing out all the grubs to her. She even comes when called! That hen was feasting today; it was pretty funny. Amelia even gave the scratching in the dirt a try with her feet, but decided it was a waste of time. She preferred to get her hands down in the dirt.

As a Sunny update, I have been working on the travel plans and it looks like we are leaving early Saturday morning the 30th, and getting home late Friday night June 5th. We will actually stay at a hotel near the airport Friday night before we leave, since we have to get there so early.

AND- tomorrow night is our webcam visit!
God is good!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

What, no pictures??? Geesh. I'd like to see Pip, you with grubs, Amelia's dirty hands. Come on, get with the program! :)

Counting down the days with you!

KellyL said...

My camera card is full!! Besides, you don't really want to see me out grubbing with the chickens-- I was really wishing I could take a shot of Micah though...