Friday, May 8, 2009

Travel Date!!

I received "the call" today! We can be in Taiwan the first week of June! Jamie, Nikita and I will leave Boston on Saturday May 30th, and meet Sunny on Monday June 1st. We'll be home again on Saturday June 6th.

I am beyond excited! And nervous too. There are a ton of details to work out for childcare while we are gone, and now I must practice my Mandarin in earnest. I gave my two week "Leave of Absence" notice at Cracker Barrel, that felt really good!

The family dynamics are soon going to change, and I know it will effect Sunny the most. I have been praying for her a lot. Lately I find myself thinking of her in the middle of the day, and since she is 12 hours ahead that is the middle of the night for her-- so I pray that she dreams of us and through that we will not be strangers to her. She does have several pictures of us, and we will still be doing a webcam visit with her.

God is good!

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~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I prayed that same thing with our adoptions- that God would give the kids dreams of us so we would be familiar! Kelly, I'm SO excited about this and can't wait for her to get home with you guys :)