Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Panic Button

The little red button on my van's key chain was whispering to Amelia yesterday, "push me, push me". I really think it is called the Panic Button because that is what I do when it is pushed!
Amelia was sitting at the computer yesterday morning listening to her songs, so I told Zach that I would be taking a shower. Unfortunately, I had left my van keys on the desk instead of hanging them where they belong. Poor Zach, I am not sure if he was more panicked because the van in the driveway was honking non-stop, or because I came running down the stairs wrapped in a towel with my wet hair plastered to my head. Here we are trying to figure out if you push the button once or twice to make it stop, and it keeps starting and stopping while we keep panicking. And Amelia just keeps listening to Elmo sing "Drive My Car".
We did get it to stop, and I wonder--- was Amelia really thinking this is all a normal morning as she ignored us and sang along with Elmo, or was she trying to act nonchalant so I wouldn't realize she had been the one to push the button?

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~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

LOL! I wonder, too, what she was thinking of all the honking and panicking - little stinker! :)