Monday, June 15, 2009

Nikita is Thirteen!

Yesterday Nikita turned 13. My oldest daughter is now a teenager. Of course, she has been acting like one for years, so I am not sure what is really going to change now that she really is a teenager.

Here is a picture of Nik with my Dad, probably taken in 1997. She was our first baby girl, so there are tons of pictures of her, just not too many early ones on the computer.
And here she is 12 years later .
Now that I have posted two pictures of my baby girl (she vetoed all the good ones), I'll let Jamie take over with the syrupy sentiments...
In the picture above, Nikita was in Los Angeles winging her way with Kelly and I to Taiwan. It was a privilege to be able to share that unique trip with my eldest daughter. As children grow up they gather so many new interests and concerns and it seems at times that the little girl with her grampa in the first photo is gone to never return. This is partially true, however we can still hold on to and remember the important times in our lives and I daresay that the trip to Taiwan is something she will never forget. Now I can say to her, "Nikita remember the giant Buddha we saw?" "What about all those scooters?" or "Nikita remember when we saw Sunny for the first time? " If I may quote Johnny Cash: "Memories are made of this." Happy Birthday Nikita, no need to rush growing up, you'll be grown up for the rest of your life. Love, Dad-eo

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KellyL said...

Lol, niiiiice, mom. "Baby girl." I'm not 13 or anything...
Thanks, dad-eo. And yeah, I'll always remember. I had an interesting time walking down the streets of Taiwan with you, looking like an alien! Bright red hair, freckles...I'll sooo never forget.