Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture Updates

Sunny has been doing very well acclimating to life as a Lindsay. Here are some pictures of the kids doing various things...

The four youngest watching "Little Bear".

Sunny holding some flowers given to her by a new friend.

Amelia loves Thursday mornings because the grocery circular is in the paper. Here she is teaching Sunny some very important English words-- her favorite foods!
Sunny is beginning to understand English, but has not tried to speak it too much. We had been told she was very behind in her Mandarin speech as well, so I am not surprised. Her favorite word so far? "Dada!!" She lights up when he gets home each afternoon, and Dada is definitely her favorite person.
Amelia and Sunny play together a lot, and language does not seem to be a barrier. Sunny loves Nik's spanial, Pattie. Her adjustment is going much better than I had expected for an older child adoption.
God is good!

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