Sunday, June 21, 2009

Special Olympics

Today Amelia participated in her first ever Special Olympics! Micah, Nikita, and I drove Amelia into Harvard for the games. We parked and rode the (shuttle) bus over to the events. It was a rainy day, or we would have explored more than just her gymnastics competition.
Amelia did really well! She is only 8, so I tried not to feel really competitive on her behalf. I remember from so many of the boy's baseball games thinking the kids would have more fun if the parents would stop making it all about a win.

The kids enjoying some time together while we waited for the Opening Ceremonies.

Amelia posing in front of the mat.

Amelia with her first gold medal!! There were five girls in her class, the events were Bars, Beam, Vault, and Floor Routine. Amelia brought home on Fifth place ribbon, three bronze medals, and one gold medal. That's my girl!
She now has the Summer off, and in the Fall will start working with her team again. It was really neat to see all the athletes enjoying the day.

PS-- My last post was the two sisters and one brother: afterwards, Micah decided he needed a shot- of Zachary's birch beer! Does he look traumatized?

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