Thursday, October 22, 2009

8 Shots!

We have had four medical appointments this week, which resulted in 4 not so happy kiddos.

Monday Sunny had her check-up; she is doing very well. She was due for two immunizations, and also received the seasonal flu shot. I had taken Amelia along because I always like her to see the doctor, given her fears. I was surprised when the doctor suggested Amelia also get the flu shot as long as she was there, but did not say no. Amelia didn't say "no" either. She screamed it. And fought like crazy.

Yesterday Micah and Dante had their annual physicals, plus Micah saw his ENT. He does have a lot of fluid in his ears, and will have tubes put in on November 5th. He is otherwise healthy, and received the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 flu vaccination. He protested briefly, but did not cry at all. Dante was not so happy, and made sure we all knew it. Once his exam started, he pretty much screamed until we walked out the door. Then he literally shut the tears off.

Unlike Amelia, Micah thoroughly enjoys his doctor visits and is very cooperative. Considering he spent a HUGE amount of time in the hospital during his first two years of life, I am not surprised. Amelia would typically only see a doctor for her blood draw every six months, and decided that doctor visits are terrible. Now that I have been taking her along on pretty much every appointment, she is good. In fact, in true Ame form, she now puts herfelf in charge of using the stethoscope, checking reflexes, and blood pressure. I do have to draw the line at trying to look into her siblings ears.

I felt a little badly for her on Monday, since she thought she was just going along as Physician's Assistant, and suddenly she is on the receiving end of the needle. The McDonald's fries did help her get over the pain, though!

We are (mostly) healthy, and God is good! (Zachary is a little under the weather, but I am not supposed to talk about him...)

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