Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Micah Offers to Pray at Dinner....

...we all sigh a little, I have to admit.

Amelia has for some time now insisted upon praying whenever one of us is, and it really is sweet. She does have speech delays, but each of us is touched when we hear our name in the midst of her words with the Lord. Often we even hear the names of at least one pet, most often Zachary's hen Pip. It was actually some time after my mother's death before Amelia stopped praying for Grandma, which had been a daily habit.

The last few weeks Micah has also decided to say Grace at dinner. Unfortunately he tends to mumble, and ramble, making it difficult to know when he is done. I am sure the Lord is quite willing to listen to Micah and I am happy he likes to talk to God, but he can go on at length in true preacher form! Occasionally, one of us will make the mistake of peeking to see if he is done, since a mumbled "amen" might have been missed. "Dad, eyes!", letting Dad to know to close him. Tonight I peeked, and heard "Mom, close eye!" Just how is it he knows our eyes are open???

And Amelia has taken to encouragingly whispering "Micah, amen" at intervals throughout his prayer. Apparently she likes her dinner hot, and is not afraid to interrupt his time speaking to the Lord. He just ignores her and keeps on saying whatever it is he has to say.

I am thrilled they are both willing and happy to spend time in prayer, even if it does mean a lukewarm meal now and then.

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