Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Would You Like Some More Tea?

Today we had a tea party, using a set Sunny received for her birthday.

Every homeschool mom knows that ANY event can be made into an educational one and go into the record book. This party was especially important for social skills.
Micah even learned to answer "Yes please" instead of simply repeating "more tea?" when asked if he wanted more. He also really needs to work on being part of a group, and remaining with that group until dismissed. He seems to think that he can leave whenever he wants, and even tried to wander with his tea cup and cracker. This has also been something we work on during seatwork in the mornings.
Sunny worked on her English skills, and was saying "yes" to Nik when asked if she wanted more. Now that we know she has been learning English, we are pushing her to use it.
And Amelia. Well, she clearly needs to work on some tea party etiquette.
Maybe next time we'll all put on frilly dresses, to help set the tone. (Except for Micah-- he would certainly wear the frilly dress but I don't encourage it.)

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