Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Angel Tree

Today is the first day of the Christmas Angel Tree project of Reeces Rainbow. It is an opportunity for individuals and families to change the life of an orphan forever.

It is an unchangeable fact that there are orphans, and that adopting them costs money. There are countries that simply cannot take care of their orphans, and quite simply do not know the potential of every child. That every child was "knit" by God and is known by Him. I firmly believe it is our responsibility to take care of the Lord's children (see some of the verses in the sidebar). It is our privilege to take care of these orphans, whether it be through prayer, financial support, or adoption.

Just as there are countries that cannot meet the needs of their orphans, there are families who strongly desire to adopt, but cannot afford the associated expenses. Social worker fees, government fees, transportation and hotel adds up. And you can help!

If you click on the link at the top of this entry, or on the Christmas bauble in the sidebar, you can read about how your donation can be a Christmas gift given in someone's honor, and a personalized ornament will be sent to you.

I have committed to praying for two Eastern European orphans, Isaac and Anna (2). No, we are not adopting them, but I am praying daily that the family the Lord has chosen for each of them will know this, and step forward for them. And this Christmas season I am encouraging anyone who reads this to please click on their picture and sponsor one or both of them, to help their families afford the adoption process.

Please, let the Lord use you to save Isaac and Anna from life in an institution.

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