Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It was a morning I should have slept in...

I try to keep this blog positive, but I was so frustrated today!!!

Back in July when Dante was going to summer school, one of his therapists recommended a very good low vision clinic for evaluating him because of some things she noticed. I had been less than pleased with his opthalmologist to that point so was eager to make the appointment at this place out near Boston. The appointment was for today; we have been waiting four months for this evaluation!

I woke up Dante at 7am, Nik and I left the house at 7:20 to get there on time. The googlemap directions told me an hour ten minutes, but I left an extra thirty to account for traffic. It was not enough time, and we were ten minutes late arriving. When I checked in the receptionist told me that when she called here yesterday to confirm, she was told we were cancelling and would reschedule, so they filled Dante's spot.

WHAT?!??! I don't know who she called yesterday, but it was no one at my house. (No, the teens did not forget to pass on a message, there was nothing on caller id...and they would never have told her that anyhow.)

I told her I did not drive two hours (almost) for her to tell me she had cancelled my appointment. "I'm sorry you are frustrated, but there is an opening at 3 if you want to come back." When I asked what I am supposed to do for 6 hours she suggested I go into Boston for the day. Sure, with my 4yo Down Syndrome/Autistic son and empty wallet. She then suggested I sit in the waiting room all day in case someone arrived late. Lunch? Toys? Sanity?!

Grrr. When I asked to whom I could complain (If she said "I'm sorry you are frustrated" one more time I would have really lost it), she sweetly told me all the administrators were in meetings. On my way out I stopped at the information desk and left a voice mail for one of them, the woman up there was very sincerely sorry to hear about it and was helpful. And the man in charge of the program called me later to apologize for the whole incident and how it was handled.

So we go back December 22nd. Praying for no snow storm that day!!

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carol said...

Wow, I wasn't there and I want to scream for you. Let's here it for customer service NOT! To say nothing of when you go back you will probably wait two hours.