Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Miss Smartypants

Yesterday Amelia displayed some problem-solving skills. She had turned on the television to watch Martha Speaks and then apparently decided she needed a snack. (I had no clue what she was up to!) Ame went into the kitchen, poured herself a glass of juice and got out a sleeve of crackers and package of pepperoni. Then, and here is the brilliant part, she found an empty clementine box on the counter and used it as a tray to bring her snack into the living room! We don't even have any small serving trays that we use, so she came up with this idea completely on her own.
Backing up to first thing yesterday morning, I had to run to the grocery store for milk and Dante snacks....Amelia went with me. I have mentioned before she is self-proclaimed bagger for us at any store. Yesterday she decided to bag for the gentleman in front of us. We are familiar faces to the cashier who was working, and she did not say no to Amelia, so Ame got the job done. To my surprise and hers, the man was so touched that he gave her a dollar!! Ame did not know quite what to do, so I told her to say Thank You and put it into her pocket. Later in the morning Zachary walked her up to the Podunk Deli where she bought herself a pack of M&Ms.
I am so proud of her! And thankful for Zachary being such a wonderful big brother!


Rachel said...

What a sweet girl!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Smarty Pants, indeed! I love it!!