Thursday, November 12, 2009

Micah's Ear Tubes

This morning Micah had day surgery to have ear tubes put in. He was supposed to have them last Thursday at an independent day surgery, but they cancelled last minute when they found out he has Down Syndrome (apparently a medical condition), and we had to go to the hospital today instead.

We arrived at 7:45AM, and the poor guy had not been allowed to eat or drink at all yet. He did not complain though, because they set him up in his own room in the day surgery wing. He was quite relaxed in his hospital johnny, sitting back and watching Curious George in his private room with his own television.

The procedure was simple, and he recovered quickly. This time when he went to his room they served him ginger ale and cheerios while he watched Sesame Street!

He really did not see the need to go home after his recovery time, but they gave us the boot.

Thank the Lord it went so well!

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