Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gym Show!

Today Amelia participated with her typical gymnastics class in the Annual Gym Show. She has been attending Twister's Gymnastics for several years now, and this is probably her last. She is aging out of the 5-8 year old class, and physically I do not think she can adequately keep up with the 9+ classes.

For tonight though, she was at the top of her class and did an excellent job on the routine-- the whole class performs together to a song so it is important she be able to learn the moves and keep the time.

Every year the photos I take come out dark because of the high gym ceiling, so this year I just watched and took a few after. (And a friend took one of Amelia and I together.) She was so proud of herself! Unfortunately Jamie missed the show because he took Sunny and Micah to the last gymnastics team practice before the Special Olympics next week. We took home ice cream and toppings to celebrate a job well done.

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Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

oh surely they can accomodate her in some way so she can keep on going!!! she looks like she loves it so!