Saturday, June 26, 2010

Special Olympics!

Last weekend the triplets took part in the Special Olympics Summer Games in Cambridge MA.
They all are gymnasts, and had a wonderful time. Because of the difference in Level since Amelia participated last year, we had competition on both days. Jamie and I decided to make a weekend of it and stayed in a suite at a nearby hotel, taking Dante and Alexander along.

That does mean we left two teenagers home alone for the weekend-- Zachary and Nikita-- but they are trustworthy and the police station is a mere 50 yards away so there were no concerns about a keg party taking place. (It looked like not much dishwashing was taking place either, but the house was still in one piece so we cannot complain.)

In this photo Sunny and Micah are ready and waiting to join their team; Amelia and Alexander watched them compete. Dante was wonderful throughout the loooonnnnggg morning-- we were on those bleachers from 9-1!!

Here Sunny has joined the girls on her team with her coaches for warm ups.

Micah looked so tiny on the rings!! He just turned 8 in May, so was likely one of the youngest gymnasts there.

And here is Micah on the parallel bars. He definitely gives it his all!

Sunny is doing her floor routine, the photo caught her going up for a handstand.

There were a number of state and local police officers, as well as some EMTs helping to give out the ribbons. Micah scored a bronze in every category, and was quite pleased with his haul.

There were only two level one 8 year old girls, so Sunny was able to score a silver every time!! She took the medals off only for swimming and sleeping.

Sunday was Amelia's turn to compete, and here she is posing for Dad while waiting for the judge to be ready for her beam routine.

It is not the best photo, but Amelia just finished the vault here.

And here is Amelia celebrating with all of her medals!

Oops, Sunny did not always take her medals off for sleeping! It was a long weekend, and she was more ready for a nap than for watching Amelia for 4 hours.
It was a wonderful, yet exhausting weekend, and we cannot wait until next year to do it all again!!

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Jenn said...

Great pictures! They all look like they had a fabulous time!