Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Dante turned 4 last October, but we have still always called him the baby...in part because he is the youngest and in part because he is so small and still does not walk. Up until a few weeks ago he was still in a small crib in our bedroom.

Dante even used to still need to cuddle with me in bed before he fell asleep. It took some transitioning for him to realize that he could not lay on top of me, because I was so nauseous in my first trimester and just couldn't take it. He was not too happy, but as the months progressed and he started getting kicked in the head by his unborn brother, he did move off to the side.

We moved Dante's little crib upstairs a few weeks ago, where he also has a twin bed waiting for him. He adjusted well to sleeping up there at night, but he quickly learned to climb up onto my bed and hang out after school-- he used to crawl into my bedroom and wait until someone put him in the crib and he would just hang out for a while relaxing-- a self-imposed time out of sorts so he could regroup in the peace and quiet after school.

It has become clear in the last few days that Dante wants my lap back (because it literally no longer exists now at 36+ weeks!) He tries to sit on my lap but there just is not any room. Baby does not appreciate it either and starts to kick Dante.

A few months ago we bought a small wedge maternity pillow for me to use at night. It is fairly small, and I told Amelia it is "Baby's pillow". She of course thought it was weird at first ("Dear!"), but now thinks it is funny that Baby has a pillow even though she cannot see him. She even uses it sometimes and tells me she has a "little baby" in her tummy.

Yesterday Dante claimed Baby's pillow for himself. He climbs up on my bed and grabs the pillow, then laughs as he keeps flipping it over and pretending to sleep on it. I did even let him take it to bed with him, and he slept with it last night. Clearly he and Baby have some competition going, and Dante is getting back at his baby brother already!!

Just 25 more days and we'll see if Dante thinks the trade off--- having a baby brother in reality--- is worth getting Mom's lap back!!

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