Friday, May 28, 2010

Micah's Birthday!

Tuesday was Micah's 8th birthday! We went to McDonald's for lunch where he, Amelia, and Sunny had a great time in the playplace. Afterwards Alexander and I went out to buy a new pool for the little ones, since it was unbearably hot (and even hotter the next day)!

Micah loves the pool, although the water was very cold. Micah is a very happy boy, but it is actually rare that he will look at a camera and smile, which makes the picture here very special.

I know this post is a few days late, but it is actually good timing. It was on this day five years ago that Nikita and I took a bus to the New Territories in Hong Kong and met Micah! He was so tiny then, just three days after his third birthday and weighing only 24 pounds. He was a bundle of energy though!! I remember being at the flat in Hong Kong and dead tired from jet lag while Micah was doing his bear crawl exploring everything...I was wondering what we were getting ourselves into with this little guy!

He is still a bundle of energy, and in the five years he has been our son we have been blessed by him daily.

We are so thankful to Mother's Choice and his foster mom in Hong Kong for loving him so much, and thankful to the Good Lord for blessing us with this incredible boy!

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Amy L said...

Happy Birthday Micah!!:)