Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Scare Your Teenagers

Apparently the latest in the world of pregnant women is the "home birth" movement. I admit it is nice that there are a variety of options for giving birth, since women have a variey of personalities and preferences. However, there is no way I am going to try that.

Just for fun though, I said to Nikita yesterday, "Maybe I should just do a home birth". Her reaction was instantaneous and crystal clear on her opinion, "HOLY CRAP, NO WAY!!!" Two minutes later she cautioned me to stop laughing so hard before I went into early labor. (51 days to go!!!) I did reassure her that home birth would not intentionally happen.

On a funny note-- this morning Amelia, Sunny, and Micah had their flash cards and picture cards spread all over the living room floor. Since I tend to save way too much stuff, there were a lot of cards, carpeting the whole room. When Zachary attempted to get to the couch he accidentally moved some cards by stepping on them. Nine year old Amelia told fifteen year old Zachary to "go sit" (on the bottom stair for a time out). Being a good naughty boy he complied, and after a few seconds she told him, "Ok, you can get up now".

It is so nice to know we have three authority figures in this house-- Dad, Mom, and Amelia, self-appointed Household Manager. I am not sure Amelia would agree that I listed us in the proper order from most authority to least, though.

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