Saturday, May 15, 2010

Play Ball!!

One of the blessings of homeschooling is that we can be busy after school hours and weekends without going completely nutty. Our school day includes what most students take home as homework, and even then we are often done before public school kids are. This means no getting them off the bus, rushing through homework and then off to the game, practice, or whatever happens to be going on that day. I honestly don't know how public school parents do it all without losing their sanity.

I try to remember this on days like today, when the "triplets" started their baseball league. We left the house at 7:40am to head into Boston for their second-to-last dance class, put their uniforms on over their leotards and went straight to the baseball game, then came home for just over two hours before Jamie headed out again with them to their weekly Special Olympics gymnastics team practice. Thankfully there is only a two week overlap when all three events are in the same day! (Last week's game was cancelled due to rain, and next week is their dance recital so that will be done until September.)

Amelia is the busiest of them all, since she is in a typical gymnastics class, plus Adaptive Dance, Challenger League, and Special Olympics. She has the energy for it though, and more. Of course, I think she is wicked smart-- May 23rd dance recital, June 12th gym show routine (for her typical class), and June 19th Special Olympics with a floor routine, balance beam, bars, and vault. She knows them all and doesn't mix them up! The poor girl will be so bored once Summer comes and we have nothing going on....although I look forward to it.

This is the first year our area has a Challenger Little League Team, and we were so excited to sign up the kids. And they had a blast today!!

Amelia and Sunny are playing catch. If you do it really closely together, there is zero chance of dropping the ball!

Amelia going up for her first at-bat.

Micah being coached through his first swing.

And Sunny with her first swing of the game!
(The ball is flying through the air just in front of Amelia- a great hit.)

Everyone runs for the ball in this game!

And the post-game congratulations...even though they don't keep score.

(Thank you Jamie for letting me stay home to relax while you went off to gymnastics!!)

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