Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is, Was, Would Have Been??

Mom's birthday. She would have been 61 today if she were still with us. I honestly cannot say that I miss her. She is with the Lord, with Dad, and with Tracy. And selfishly, I don't have to know that I didn't get the right gift, didn't fail to make the visit this weekend for Mother's Day and her birthday, didn't call soon enough so she thought I had forgotten. If I think about it, I miss what she should have been and sometimes was as a mother when I was a child, but that is an idealized view and not one I will weep over. (I do still miss Dad so much though, and that can be where the guilt comes in.)

Anyhow, I was not going to include any kids in the blog today, but you HAVE to know what Micah did this morning. I could hear someone rummaging around in the bathroom and went up to find that he had awakened and begun to ready himself for the day. He had applied some mascara, and was getting ready to put on some of Jamie's shaving cream and shave. I guess he can't decide if he wants to be like Mom, Dad, or Johnny Depp....

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