Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Quite What I Meant...

The triplets love to play outside. We did get our yard fenced in a few years ago to help them be aware of the boundaries. However, they do still need to be supervised when playing outside, mostly because of their risk taking when playing on the swingset or climbing trees and the henhouse.

Lately the little ones have been enjoying Spring, and simply going outside whenever the mood strikes. Yesterday in a stroke of genius I wrote a note on the glass double door, right next to the doorknob. "You have to ask before you go outside." I went over it with them, and Amelia with her love of rules went over it several times with Sunny and Micah. (Even though the poster is long gone, she will still at bedtime recite her waking up rules about not waking up Sunny.)

Unfortunately, I apparently neglected to mention just whom should be asked for permission to go out. One of the teens just informed me that just last evening, Amelia read the new rule to herself. Then she said, "Amelia, can I go outside?" Followed by "Yes, you can.", and "Ok!" Then she went outside.

Is she perhaps a little bit smarter than I??

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