Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adaptive Dance Recital!

This morning Amelia, Sunny, and Micah had their final Adaptive Dance session of the year. It was a recital, with all 5 classes participating. All of the students were amazing, and were clearly enjoying themselves.
In the above photo, my triplet's class is warming up with their teacher.
Here they were switching feet based on low tones and high tones from the drummer-- red foot for high and blue foot for low.

Their teachers were amazing, and the kids love them.
Even Sunny fully participated!! That's her on the right last in line.
Dante however was not always interested, and crawled away. Nikita went to sit with him and he snatched up her cell phone when it fell out of her pocket.
We should not have been surprised that it went a bit long. I can see where it might have been tough for our teens whom we dragged out the door by 7:30Am to go watch their siblings perform in Boston.... to spend 15 minutes watching the triplets and then another hour and 45 minutes watching the other classes show what they have learned.
We actually thought it was more of a do-your-song-performance thing than each class spending A LOT of time showing all kinds of stuff. So we completely missed the kid's Challenger baseball game back in Spencer. In an attempt to show gratitude to the teens for their willingness to go to the recital, and knowing we would never make it to the game anyhow, we took everyone out to lunch at Red Robin. This was definitely a treat because we only go out to a restaurant as a family twice a year since there are so many of us!
It actually ended up being such a long morning that we skipped the evening team practice for Special Olympics. We were all ready for some relaxing when we got home. After being home for a bit we were able to get some stuff done around the yard-- like replanting the broccoli Zachary's chickens had dug up looking for bugs when they escaped this morning!! grrr.
All in all, a wonderful and beautiful day.

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