Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Blessing!

Two years ago Dante participated in therapy riding. Unfortunately when he turned three we had to stop, since insurance no longer covered it when he turned three, and we could not afford the cost ourselves. I have wished many times the little ones could ride, for strength and for confidence.

Since that time Nikita has discovered her love of horses, and her many trips to the 4-H stables also caused Amelia and Micah to enjoy time with horses. I suggested to Nikita recently that we pray for someone to give us a shetland pony. I certainly could not afford therapy for 4 children if I could not afford it for 1! It seemed that owning a pony was the only way to provide riding time for the children.

In her web wanderings Nikita came upon a pony that was being given away. Roxanne is a 20 year old shetland pony who is partially blind and needed a new home. Her owners decided we would be a good home, and a friend helped us find transportation. And Roxanne moved in this past Saturday!!
This photo is the one Nikita first saw of her.

Roxanne is settling in well, and the goats welcomed her into their enclosure. Jamie and the teens spent Saturday doubling the size of it, giving them more than 2000 square feet to roam! The triplets are thrilled; they have enjoyed grooming her and learning safety awareness around her.

We couldn't have found a more gently pony for our family.
God is good!

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