Friday, October 29, 2010

No Teenagers!

Nikita is off to California to spend two weeks with my cousin and her family. Alexander and Zachary are off to New York to spend the weekend with my brother and his wife. That leaves just me and Jamie! And Amelia, Sunny, Micah, Dante, and Leif. When did we get so many kids??

Some people do think we are nutty, especially since four of our blessings have down syndrome. We do rely on the teens to do their part in family life, yet that does not mean we fall apart while they are gone. Jamie probably has it toughest each night, since the manager at Cracker Barrel thought she was being nice by giving me lots of hours (I only wanted 2 nights a week, not 4), and Leif is still reluctant to take a bottle. Dante adds to the interest by taking off up the stairs, and he now can climb out of his crib. I found that out when I found him sitting in the tub...fully dressed and waiting for someone to turn the water on--- he loves his bath! Dante also lets us know he would like some food by going to the table and climbing into his chair. He lets us know he would like some food NOW by climbing onto the table and throwing everything off.

I kept Dante home from school today because of his yucky cold. While I was feeding Leif Dante decided to climb up into his chair. Thankfully Amelia noticed and served him a bowl of applesauce. She really can be very helpful, she just overdoes it every now and then.

We decided to have a "Little Bear"marathon today since Amelia and Micah also have yucky colds. They watched and learned about caterpillars, butterflies, and more while I made a batch of laundry soap, did two loads, put dinner in the crockpot, and made a chocolate chip pie.

The videos are done and Amelia is currently at the table directing Micah and Sunny in letter writing, she is having them write their names. I think I am the housekeeper and she is the schoolteacher! At least that means I was the one to lick the batter bowl while she was busy saying "ok, let me help" to Sunny!

We are blessed!

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