Friday, October 8, 2010

Leif does not know...

Leif does not know that his big sister Amelia has Down Syndrome. He does not know how many people think she is odd, or how many strange looks she gets from other children. Leif does not know that she is the girl with Down Syndrome the Lindsays adopted, instead of Jamie and Kelly's daughter.

Leif does know that when his big sister Amelia holds him on her lap he feels secure and loved. He knows that she sings beautiful songs to him. He hears Amelia say "Awww Leif honey honey" when he cries, and he calms when she pats his back. Leif knows she has a beautiful smile, and he gives her one in return. When he is hungry, his Amelia makes sure that I know he needs "Mommy milk". Leif knows that she will keep his musical toys playing for him, since at 3 months he has not quite yet figured out his hands.

Leif adores Amelia.

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