Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dante and Leif

Leif is not sure what to think of Dante.  Everyone else in the house adores Leif, but Dante is just indifferent.  And if you ask Leif, that is just plain wrong.  Everyone exists to smile at him, feed him, keep him content, and will be rewarded with his smiles and laughter.
Leif often reaches out to Dante in an attempt to get attention from him.  He does this at dinner when Dante's plate is just close enough to reach over and grab some pasta.  It is much more fun to irritate big brother by grabbing pasta then wait for Dad to spoon feed him the nightly mush.
Today Leif discovered how Dante can entertain him:
The Walker.
Dante was heading across the floor right when Leif was reaching out to snag his sleeve.  Leif ended up grabbing the walker and walking along behind Dante. 
It was fun!

When Dante abandoned the walker Leif started pushing it across the floor.

 He walked back and forth, getting frustrated and then rescued, whenever he ran into something...
which was often.

Here we have the Leif equivalent of wrapping his car around a tree.  Thankfully he was going only 55 steps per hour.
Leif was not a happy camper when we took his keys and put the walker away.

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