Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dante's Appointment

Yesterday Dante was supposed to have his 6 month check with the Pediatric Endocrinologist.  I even remembered to take him on Wednesday for the blood draw to check his hormone levels (hypothryroidism).  Thankfully, I decided to call and verify his appt, since I had not received the typical automated phone reminder.  The appointment had been cancelled, and I did not receive notification.

Since I had intended to pick up Dante at school, he had been sent without a lunch.  I quickly made one and took it in.  While in the classroom, he heard me talking and came scrambling over.  It was really sweet because he kept kissing me. It was also sad because he started crying when I told him good-bye.  I could hear him as I left and walked down the hallway.  In his book after school the teacher said he had screamed and thrown things for 30 minutes after I left.  I guess he loves me?  He really does like school, I am not sure why he was so determined to leave with me this morning.

In another frustrating turn of events for Dante-- we now have a gate separating the living room from the dining area/kitchen.  Dant can no longer climb onto the table and throw everything off it, or clear the counter too.  Leif does not appreciate the gate either! 

Leif did enjoy fingerpainting with his lunch yesterday, though.  I pureed a banana with blueberries and a touch of homemade goat's milk yogurt.  He really wanted to feel it, so I let him have some fun.

This post is suddenly done, Dante and Leif are fighting over the drum...

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