Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old Sturbridge Village

Today was absolutely beautiful! After lunch six of the kids and I headed into Sturbridge to visit "The Village".  We are blessed to live near this 1830's living history museum and purchased membership so we can visit often.  Today was Leif's first trip!
 Amelia, Sunny, and Micah particularly like carrying the map that is given to all visitors.  They try to keep track of where we are on the grounds.

 At the Freeman farm we found a very friendly calf.  Micah did not want to leave it, although he was
eventually persuaded.

 Amelia and Sunny posed in the Freeman Barn, in front of the hen's corner.  Off to the right across the road is the Cooper Shop.  In there we were shown how buckets are made.  Amelia enjoys interacting with the "interpreters" that work in the various buildings.
 Alexander, Micah, Sunny, Amelia, and Zachary beside the Grist Mill. 
 Leif enjoyed the visit.  He loves to be outside and watch everything around him. 
This was so funny!  Inside the main entrance were the cut out photo boards.  This one looks so real!!

Of course we also stopped in at the Village's General Store for lemonade and chocolate chip cookies.
A perfect almost-Spring day!!

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