Saturday, June 4, 2011

I left the stool out...

...And Leif found it.
  He likes to play with the plastic lids and containers in the kitchen, and I can often hear him but not see him.  So it was a little shocking to look over and see him at eye level looking back at me!  He can climb lickety split, and has great balance.  He was not happy when I put the stool away.


Our tag sale raised $115 today.  I was also given 3 huge bags of beautiful baby girl's clothing sized 6 months- 3T to be either taken to West Africa or donated to a pregnancy center/mom in need here.  Nikita sorted them all out and it was a very generous donation.  I am not planning to do another tag sale fundraiser, but we are doing the chip-in for a Heifer Project goat and our adoption.

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mk said...

I so hope this is okay. Someone from your church reads my blog and suggested that I put your story on it. You're amazing. You're family is amazing. God is amazing. If you prefer that I take your story down you can email me at mkhastings at

God Bless you and your precious family. Words fail me.