Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunshine and Strawberries

 Today was beautiful, so six of the kids and I headed out for some strawberry picking.

 Amelia was a hard worker, and was able to pick only the red ones.
 Micah was also a hard worker, and even chastised his big brother when he saw a strawberry not quite up to his standards.  He then threw the strawberry to the ground, to make his displeasure crystal clear.
 Sunny and Nikita filled their container twice as fast as the rest of us.
 Leif decided he was inspector #8.  You cannot see it, but there is strawberry juice on his chin.
 The hardest part was the long walk back to the van.  Micah was dragging and begging Zachary to carry him.  When we said "no" he stopped and decided not to move.  Without saying a word, I signed "french fries" to him, and suddenly he was jogging past us to the van.  (Nikita did end up carrying him partway.)
 We went to Howard's Drive-In for some of their awesome fries, and a few cokes.
Dante was at school while we were picking, but wow did he spy the strawberries on the table and start munching when he got home.  I'll be making some strawberry shortcake, and freezing most of the berries.

It was a wonderful day, and we are thankful!!

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Wow, Howard's for fries!