Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Leif Eats! And Feeds...

 Tonight at dinner I suggested to Jamie that he hand Leif his bowl and spoon, instead of feeding him. Leif took the spoon, scooped up some rice, and ate it!  He just takes in everything and had figured it out from watching us eat.
 He also figured out that we take care of each other.  We know this because he began feeding Dante when he saw him looking at the rice in the bowl.  Dante let his baby brother take care of him.  It was one of the sweetest moments ever.

If you would like to help us as we try to adopt a little girl in West Africa, please see the chip-in on the side bar.  Every day I see Leif loving his brothers and sisters, and I cannot wait to see him with a new little sister.  Leif loves so unconditionally, and we can all learn from him.


Denise said...

Beautiful!We adopted a son from west africa a year ago..He has severe cp and is the sweetest little love!Congrats on your adoption!

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