Monday, June 6, 2011

Lessons from the Baseball Field

The triplets had a baseball game yesterday.  I was unable to go, but Jamie and Alexander report that a good time was had by all:

~~ Micah professionally stepped up to the pitcher's mound and used his foot to wipe the dirt off "the rubber".  Once the game started though the seriousness was done and it was time to have fun.

~~"Fun" as defined by Sunny means throwing your hat around while in the infield.   If it stays on too long she might get hat hair, and no self-respecting female wants that.

~~The outfield has no use since no ball is hit that far, but the grass is amazingly soft to sit upon.  Occasionally a ball does roll that way, and then it is fun to chase.

~~Even though the best way to get a triple is to run straight to third base after hitting the ball, the kids did eventually agree to run to first, first.

~~It did take a while, though, for Amelia to leave her bat behind when running to first.  Jamie reports she took her bat all the way to second yesterday.

~~Every game should be only 3 innings.  That is when the triplet's sit down strike begins.  It ends when hot dogs, chips, and soda are offered.  "They suddenly got a spring in their step."

They did have a wonderful time yesterday, and the people at the Millbury Little League field were wonderful, even providing play by play announcing.  Now that must have taken a lot of filling in and imagination!

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