Thursday, February 26, 2009

6 Months

A nasty cold settled into our house, but I think it is finally moving on. Dante and Amelia took the brunt of it, with high fevers and horribly congested coughing. Amelia lost 4 pounds in one week, which little 7 year old girls are not supposed to do. I knew she had lost the weight and was bothered, but yesterday when her jeans- that fit perfectly two weeks ago -kept slipping off her hips it really hit home how skinny she now is.

Last night I stopped by our family sponsor page, and was reminded that it was on August 25th that we found out that Cathwel thought we were a good match for Sunny. It was 6 months ago yesterday that we received that wonderful news. Waiting adoptive moms count their days, weeks, and months much the same as a pregnant waiting mom does. Unfortunately we adoptive moms rarely have a due date until less than a month beforehand. It always gets harder for me as we near the end, which I suppose is a bit odd. However, a pregnant mom is always most uncomfortable and impatient near the end too. At least I was!

We decided to have a candybar fundraiser to try to boost the adoption funds in these last few months. Which takes me back to Ame's hips. . . the three cases of candy arrived yesterday. Zach claimed a box for selling, and Amelia tried to claim some M&M's for eating. Zach explained to her that she needed money to buy them from him. It took a few times, but then suddenly she stopped pestering him and went into my bedroom. A few clinks later I realized she had gotten down my change jar and was getting Zach the money he demanded. It was pretty funny, my brilliant little girl. I showed her that she needed 4 quarters, "big coins". . . not just any old 4 coins would do. A few hours later as she was finishing her second bag of candy I knew that change jar needed to disappear!

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